What are Post Office Investments?

You can achieve good investment returns with the use of a post office investment plan. The holding period for this plan is five years, and the annual interest rate ranges from 4 to 8%.


As they are governed by the state and have set and assured returns, post office savings plans are quite secure.

The majority of these funds have no set maturities and can be cashed by any individual at any moment with the proper documentation and id.

Even those who are less privileged can take advantage of its advantages thanks to the modest minimum deposit requirement of just 50 rupees.

There are postal facilities practically everywhere, therefore even in rural areas of India, the range is greater

Types of Postal Services

Post office (SB)
The Post Office Savings Account is comparable to any savings account offered by a retail bank. The withdrawal fee amount is Rs 50, while the deposit is Rs 500. It gives a 4% interest rate.

Time Deposit
The National Savings Time Deposit Account, a term in-office permanent cashier check with no upper commitment limitations, has a Rs 1,000 low capital requirement.

Recurring Deposit
One of the well-known post office savings programs that you can use is the National Savings Recurring Deposit Account.

Public Provident Funds
With a minimum deposit of Rs 500, the PPF account provides an alluring long-term investment option for Indian adults. The highest deposit each budgetary year is 1.5 lakhs.